Are you ready to adapt to the new 3.0 web version?

We have a new version for the web and today I will share a little on how we can adopt it and why it is important to equip your websites and applications with these third-generation features.

Web 1.0 and 2.0, how do we define them?

The first generation of websites only shared one-way information and was generally used to publish information online. The web became more powerful in the second generation with a database behind it and more powerful scripting on the front to build applications such as Facebook and others where users can not only get information but also share information with others.  

What is new in Web 3.0

Robot in Harajuku
Photo by Maximalfocus / Unsplash

As of now with Web 2.0, websites are getting a lot of data from their users in different shapes and forms. To handle all this information effectively and get some useful information out of it we need to have our applications and websites equipped with Web 3.0 features. Some other features are related to the new way of storing data on the blockchain and the powerful user experience with virtual reality.

Key web 3.0 features and attributes

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
As stated earlier without ML and AI you can not utilize the data you collect from your customers, visitors, and team members. We need to make our applications smart and intelligent and cut down our costs of redundant routine operations. And help channel human intelligence for more critical and creative operations.  

In order to build secure business applications, the choice is Blockchain. More websites and applications will be moving to blockchain technologies in order to secure their application, data, users, and transactions.

Web 3.0 applications and websites need to be equipped with APIs in order to be portable and connectable with other software and applications.

Virtual Reality
VR is not just demanding in the gaming industry but many other business sectors such as eCommerce, Real Estate & Construction, Hospitality, and more. It allows us to offer the most superior user experience available today and a lot of development is going on in this domain.