I'm not sure about you but the first time I heard about the MetaVerse and the 'future of the internet' I instantly thought of a Black Mirror (a dystopian science fiction series) episode. It's titled "USS Callister" and it really makes you think about the metaverse. We all hear about how The Simpsons have often predicted the future, but is Black Mirror doing the same?

In the episode, a co-founder and a talented programmer of multiplayer online games decide to take out his revenge on his colleagues for their treatment and the lack of recognition they give him. The revenge he plays is putting them in his Star Trek-like simulation by using their DNA to create digital clones of them. There, he is the captain and is able to force his coworkers to do as he pleases, punishing them if they don't obey. Now, this is an extreme case - by far. However, it does show how the metaverse can evolve.


With VR, this dystopian future could be a reality. In a positive and negative way. It is fact that some people use technology for bad, and that won't stop at the metaverse. However, at the end of the episode, the coworkers take over and go on their own adventure - which sounds fun to me.

Today with VR you can go on adventures, play games, and even get your adrenaline rush instead of doing it in person. If we're looking to the future would it be possible to clone people in your digital reality - maybe but that seems like a far-away thought.  

Virtual Reality
Photo by Maxim Hopman / Unsplash


Will the MetaVerse evolve for the greater good or bad? That's a question we should think about. In this modern age, we would hope that there would be laws against certain things in the future - like cloning your colleagues and punishing their clones for their real-life mistreatment. Although this is something we can't be certain about. However, time will tell. Right now the metaverse seems like an evolution for the better.