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Your audience wants insightful knowledge, heartfelt opinions and perspectives on the topics they care about, presented to them in a convenient, uncluttered way.   That’s what Two Minute Reads is here to do.

Designed for a modern audience of readers that want to snack on news when it suits them, on mobile, tablet and PC, Two Minute Reads is a curated topic-based FREE-TO-AIR blogging and newswire service.

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Why Two Minute Reads?

A few things that make us stand out as your choice for blog and article publishing:

Busy people:

  • Want to read thoughtful abridged articles
  • Prefer curated news on the topics they care about, delivered on a friendly app that’s a pleasure to use


  • Seek FREE TO AIR distribution of their news via newswire and social channels
  • Want new, freshly designed, digital channels for article distribution to their target audience(s) 
  • Need help with article authoring and publishing, useful tools and tips too!
  • Look to amplify content distribution to target buyers and boost SEO by growing backlinks

words can make a difference

If you can’t say it in 400 words, well HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE to give your audience the essence of your story?

Make your article concise and your audience will thank you for it.


reader guarantee

When we say you can read our articles in less than two minutes, well, urm, you can.

Content is limited to 400 words.  If contributors want to say more, they can add an article attachment, video, profile, picture (or two), or whatever else.

Are you preaching to same audience?

Many bloggers, startup companies and content creators today find themselves preaching to the same old audience of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. 

What they are looking for is a way to expand their audience and extend their content publishing reach.

That’s where Two Minute Reads comes in.  

Our app is for…

For Topic Expert Contributors

For individuals that develop a reputation for being an authority or mini celeb writer on their discipline, we offer guest contributor accreditations that come with a higher level of personal and article visibility. 

For Startups

Startups need a voice to tell their story.  Often, their audience grows on social media to a point and then falters.  They need to extend their audience beyond the people they know and their brand halo.  Two Minute Reads offers a way to amplify the innovative ideas of startups beyond social publishing to a broader audience.

For Bloggers

We’ve created a place that writers love; a place authors want to write. Packed into our web app are an array of productivity and optimisation tools that make it easier for authors to be the best they can be.  Things like SEO optimisation, easy access to images, grammar tips and thesaurus tools.  We’ve kept the user experience elegant and stripped back, so authors can focus on their creativity.

For Advisors and Industry Analysts

Want to be an authority on your subject?  We encourage expert advisory and research firms to publish their reports and insightful content on our site, and we offer sponsorship to organisation so they can ‘own a topic’ for a period.

A Taste of our Topics

Content is curated into the hot topics our contributors want to talk about such as Business, Finance, Technology, and Innovation.  Every year we will be running editorial on a series of IN FOCUS topics.  For 2022, our topics will include:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the modern world.  From accounting to space travel, AI is pushing boundaries and re-engineering our world.

Book Club

Growth in self-publishing has amplified the possibilities of reaching global markets for authors.  Share your book synopsis on Two Minute Reads.

Customer Experience

The No.1 competitive weapon of the digital age, for many industries, the quality of customer experience offered has become the difference between success and failure.

Digital Marketing

The purpose of every business is to make customers. Fail to get digital marketing right, and it becomes much harder to win customers these days.

Digital Office

Once the hub of work activity, the office is changing, transforming into something new. For hybrid knowledge workers it’s becoming more of a meeting place and point of collaboration than a place to be when working.

Digital Transformation

What does it mean to transform your business digitally?  For this topic, we explore the business model and behavioural changes that digital innovations are making possible–for consumers, companies, cities and society.


With more people working remotely, and an ageing population still keen to learn new things, eLearning has become one of the hottest topics in business this year.

Future of Work

The world of work has been massively impacted by the global pandemic.  Aspirations of workers have pivoted towards wellbeing and lifestyle, while the baby boomer generation looks to retire early, and millennials battle for a new vision of their work future.

Gig Economy

Once viewed as a fad, and a peculiarity of youthful generations, Gig working in its various forms is fast becoming the norm around the world.  Firms are having to re-examine their HR policies, IT systems, cultures, behaviours and management methods, to accommodation this new workforce.

Low/No Code Platforms

Applications development has a well-earned reputation for having contributed to the death of a great many business projects.  It’s never easy to get apps right first time, harder still when manually coded.  Through Low-Code and No-Code platforms, a new generation of entrepreneurs is approaching the old problem in refreshingly new ways.

Motor Dealer Systems

The motor trade has experienced a digital transformation, as more customers opt to buy cars online and spend less time in showrooms.  For bricks and mortar dealerships, demands for IT systems and apps that cater for a new audience of buyers is on the rise .

Shared Service Centres

Shared Service Centres have become a central cog in organisations to manage core administrative functions like finance, marketing, HR, and IT.  The model, first introduced in the ’70’s and ’80’s is experiencing a refresh this century thanks to the possibilities of digital and AI. 

Let’s recap on the benefits


For Readers

We’ve made it our mission to make Two Minute Reads the first place smart people go to learn something new. Here’s how.

Abridged Content

With Two Minute Reads, our readers enjoy quality bite-sized content abridged to 400 words, enriched by attachments, URLs, rich media, and author (optionally, company) profiles.


Quality Edited

All submissions go through two stages of editor approvals to quality check the suitability of content submitted.

Easy-Read Format

Our web and mobile app offers a friendly, uncluttered place to read articles, that’s easy to navigate and convenient to use while ‘on the go.’

Links to Community

Through informative, newsworthy content, we bring communities of interest together.  Furthermore, we’ve added simple social media re-publishing, so you can stay connected.

On Mobile and PC

Designed for an audience that prefers to snack on content, we’ve optimised our app for PC and mobile users.

For Publishers

We are offering sponsorship opportunities for publishers to ‘own their topic’ in 2022 as part of our launch program.  Interested?  Learn more here.

Grow Audience

Reach audiences beyond your social media followers by leveraging our distribution.

Amplify Content

If you have a press release, market report, blog article, or book to shout about, Two Minute Reads is the ideal place to publish to a global audience that likes to snack on news.

SEO Value-Add

As an authority publishing platform, linking back to your website from Two Minute Reads publications adds to your SEO site visibility.


Writing Aids & Performance Tracking

Built into our platform are a variety of author productivity tools to improve your writing style, grammar, and to fashion your message to suit search engine tastes. 

Stay On Brand

Setup your brand colours, fonts and and styles in our settings page to make sure every article goes out the door in line with your brand guidelines.


Oh, yes – just to let you know that our Standard Subscription for Two Minute Reads is COMPLETELY FREE – and we plan to keep it that way.

Book in for our launch event

You guessed it!  We’re running an event in London on the 29th April ’22 to celebrate the launch of Two Minute Reads.  The afternoon event, starting a 4 pm GMT, will present the platform and outline opportunities for contributors, publishers and investors to get onboard.  We are running two virtual sessions on the same day.

The event is being managed by our public relations partner, Newton Day.  For details, reach out to

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