Technically its a top social media trends aggregator which collects top trending topics from social platform's APIs and then runs our own analysis and grading algorithms to list down top trends and trendsetters from top to bottom.

Being a digital marketing company we needed to follow top trends and trendsetters. Engaging with relevant trends and trendsetters is important for any brand to increase its reach in the digital world.

The focus
Photo by Diego PH / Unsplash

For example, there is a sports event going on and the topic is in top trends for the reason that people are talking about it. Digital marketers would design some campaigns to engage your brand in the trending topic by starting any sort of activity or special offer relevant to the top trend. This is just one example, there can be unlimited ways to engage with a trend based on the brand you want to market and the top trending topic.

Another example is regular trends which would show up every week or year. We prepare to participate in such trends to increase the brand reach. Such as Monday Motivation often trends on Monday. eCommerce stores prepare for Black Friday trends.