The world of Internet

Internet today is the world's most connected network of devices and applications being used by the world population. In fact, we are hooked to it permanently and life without connectivity with the Internet seems impossible. Yet there was a world before that and at times you may want to unhook and live in nature.

Photo by Nubelson Fernandes / Unsplash

Smartphones, apps, social are so engaging that it's grabbing our attention all the time making us obsessed with them. However, it might not be that healthy for us and we should learn to manage our time with tech to improve ourselves.

Steve Jobs CEO of Apple prohibited his kids from using iPad

Photo by Tyler Lagalo / Unsplash

We are seeing issues with kids with excessive use of smart devices at a young age. Their brains get used to the entertainment and find it difficult to learn otherwise resulting in many issues.

Tech seems to be unstoppable with Virtual Reality and Web 3.0 in the market. But we must learn to control and use it for the betterment and not otherwise.

What is Free on the Internet?  

A lot of great things on the Internet are Free, such as Open Source technology and a lot more. But everything that shines is not gold. Many companies offering free services are using your existence as profit. We may not have many choices to avoid it till now but who knows what's in the future for us. Make your choices wisely as to how much of the "Free" stuff you want to use and expose yourself on the Net.