We have been asked similar questions before. A decade ago businesses and professionals were asking the same question about a website. Later it became a necessity for all businesses to have a website on the Internet, then a presence on social media became necessary to connect with your customers on social networks, and now the mobile apps.

Some may still think that mobile apps are for big corporates like Walmart, Amazon, and Google. But it’s not the case, any business having its own mobile app will surely get an edge over others.

So you have a website already, and you are on social media too so why do you need to invest in a dedicated mobile app?

According to a rough estimate, more than 80% of Internet Users today are connected with a smartphone.

Smartphone users prefer Apps over Websites and the user experience of an app is much better than that of a website. An app can access smartphone resources and functions with ease such as Camera, Location, and other features.

Let’s elaborate on some of the key features and benefits of having a dedicated mobile app for your business.

Get exposure on the App Stores

Just like we search on Google to find what we need. A large number of mobile users visit App Stores to find new apps. By listing your app on the app stores you get more visibility, and trust, and offer better connectivity options to your consumers.

Offer value to your customers

There are a lot of usability ideas with an app. You can offer auto discounts when your customers visit your location, scan QR codes for discounts, submit their videos and images directly to you, and much more. With an app, you can offer loyalty programs and much more.

To conclude we can say that having an app for your brand will surely help improve brand recognition, stand out from your competitor, connect better with your customers, and more. So how do you develop a mobile app?