Dell systems and technologies are a great help in achieving data-driven outcomes using oracle applications. With the advancement in business and technology applications becoming more and more intelligent, Dell infrastructure for oracle can help you take full advantage of the latest capabilities. These systems are the perfect tool to force innovation consistently. Dell infrastructure for oracle is exceptional when it comes to the following capabilities:

  • Optimization of IT operations – this infrastructure is a great direction in the modernization of the IT infrastructure when extended to the user as a service. This infrastructure works seamlessly in automating the delivery of resources.
  • This infrastructure helps you with a data strategy that is extremely agile in nature. You have the flexibility to merge data, all of them. You can also add intelligence in incremental progression, and the data access can be expanded using this system, no matter the location.
  • Future is data – if you aspire for your organization to be data-focused, this infrastructure provides you with analytics of advanced nature for all data, no matter whatever the location is. This process is critical in obtaining transformational insights to thrive in new businesses.

This infrastructure is the foundation that is often sought after to connect all data across the complete landscape of oracle while achieving outcomes far greater for the business.

Below are some of the validated designs from dell infrastructure for oracle

  • Managers of oracle enterprise now have the advantage of OpenManage Plug-in – this plug-in helps you gain access for the entire enterprise to the servers of Dell, which run Oracle. This is helpful for dell servers to have a database that is more advanced and available in scale.
  • Protect and accelerate MySQL workload – this system helps you match the storage engine InnoDB with the dell platform PowerStore T. This has increased the protection of OLTP workloads while accelerating them.
  • Unified storage and high-performance computation using big Data SQL of Oracle help maximize virtual data in oracle. This enables organizations to compute greater data values with high performance and store it in a unified fabric.

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