Red hat has been a partner of innovation with Dell for a long-standing period of 25 years. Together, they have validated and engineered open-source solutions, positively impacting and simplifying IT.

IT environments have become more complex, from infrastructure to workflows, and they will continue to grow in its complexity. Dell and Red hat partnership focus on developing solutions that will help in the running of very critical workloads. Dell infrastructure and technologies can be relied upon for all that might be needed, from software solutions to hardware as well as support. This collaboration covers a wide array of solutions from automation, data management, storage, and so on. This collaboration aims to empower organizations to achieve more and do so faster. Some advantages of this collaboration are highlighted below:

  • Equ engineered solutions become outstandingly better because they bring the best of talents from both sides.
  • The infrastructure is validated. The open-source which has been specifically built for this purpose and tested multiple times over to ensure success and accelerate the digital transformation
  • Reliable support anytime anywhere is an extremely helpful promise.

Telecommunication solutions – now services can be delivered more efficiently and more quickly. Edge computing and 5G technologies are opening up opportunities that are massive for providers of communication services. These software systems enable revenue streams that were not exist before and continuously create new models of business to cater to the ever-evolving market. Dell has collaborated with various providers of communication services in order to ensure that this opportunity reaps benefit for everyone. Using Dell technology, it becomes easier to transform and upgrade the existing network. Dell brings to your use an array of open-source products which are flexible. These solutions are perfect for managing a cloud-native network of any scale. Dell is working on creating an ecosystem that is open and has an association of all credible partners. This plays a phenomenal role in invalidating, testing, developing, and integrating new products, solutions, and services. Dell is a global enterprise having extensive resources, experience, and expertise. Dell has worked on various solutions in order to cater to and push the boundaries and possibilities of telecommunication. Dell offers a multi-cloud foundation for telecommunication. It helps in the reduction of costs and a great manner. It also meets SLA’s deployment by automating it. Lifecycles are managed as well.