Multi-Cloud Data Services provides completely managed hosting, cloud connectivity, storage, and data security platforms. You may use your data on-premises while also accessing it from different public clouds using Dell PowerMax, PowerStore, PowerProtect, PowerScale, and Faction’s networking intellectual property. Multi-cloud disaster response, test and development, and distributed high-performance computing are common use cases.

Connect your storage directly to the cloud of your choice:

With flexible multi-cloud access, you may enable scalable, robust cloud-attached storage. Inter Data Services for Dell storage is suitable for cloud-based analysis, recovery plans, testing and development, and unstructured use cases.

  • With data that is not cloud-based, you can avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Reduce risk with business storage that is best in class.
  • In Windows Azure and Oracle Cloud, you can run high-throughput and compute-intensive file operations with no data egress fees.
  • Use a subscription-based mechanism to consume.

From a single location, protect your data across various clouds:

Dell EMC’s Multi-Cloud Data Services PowerProtect supports a data-centric approach to inter-data security, allowing you to decouple cloud management and information management strategies across various public cloud providers while storing your data on a single PowerProtect DD device that can be consumed as-a-service.

  • Reduce the complexity of multi-cloud management by implementing a single data protection policy.
  • Data can be restored to any public cloud provider that is supported.
  • By keeping data separate from the cloud, you can avoid vendor lock-in.
  • Cyber resilience, duplication, in-cloud security, recovery from disasters to the cloud, and archiving are all use cases.

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