Revolution for cats is a revolutionary product designed to protect feline companions from a variety of parasites. It's a topical solution that provides comprehensive coverage against fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and more, ensuring the health and well-being of your beloved pet.

Understanding Revolution: How It Works

Revolution contains an active ingredient called selamectin, which acts on the nervous system of parasites, leading to their paralysis and eventual elimination. When applied topically to the skin, Revolution is absorbed into the bloodstream, providing systemic protection against a wide range of parasites.

What Does Revolution for Cats Cover?

Revolution for cats offers broad-spectrum protection against several common parasites:

Fleas and Revolution

One of the primary targets of Revolution is fleas. It not only kills adult fleas but also prevents flea eggs from hatching, effectively breaking the flea life cycle and preventing reinfestation.

Ticks and Revolution

While Revolution primarily focuses on fleas, ear mites, and heartworms, it may also have some efficacy against ticks.

Safety of Revolution for Cats

Revolution is generally considered safe for most cats when used as directed.

How to Apply Revolution

Applying Revolution is simple and convenient. Part the fur at the base of your cat's neck and apply the entire contents of the tube directly to the skin.

Revolution vs. Other Flea Treatments

Revolution offers several advantages over other flea treatments, including its broad-spectrum protection, ease of application, and long-lasting effectiveness.

Tips for Using Revolution Effectively

- Always administer Revolution as directed by your veterinarian.

- Keep track of your cat's treatment schedule to ensure continuous protection.

- Monitor your cat for any signs of adverse reactions after applying Revolution.


Revolution for cats is a highly effective and convenient solution for protecting your feline friend against fleas, heartworms, ear mites, and other common parasites. By understanding what Revolution covers and how it works, you can help ensure the health and well-being of your cat for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions about Revolution for Cats

1. Is Revolution safe for kittens?

- Revolution is safe for kittens as young as 8 weeks old.

2. How often should I apply Revolution to my cat?

- Revolution should be applied once a month for continuous protection against parasites.

3. Can Revolution be used on pregnant or lactating cats?

- Revolution is safe for use on pregnant or lactating cats.