Introduction to Bravecto Spot-on for Cats

Bravecto Spot-on is a widely used solution for flea and tick prevention in cats. It offers long-lasting protection, ensuring your feline friend stays free from these pesky parasites.

Understanding Bravecto Spot-on

What is Bravecto Spot-on?

Bravecto Spot on is a topical treatment specifically designed for cats to combat fleas and ticks. It contains fluralaner, an active ingredient that effectively disrupts the nervous system of parasites upon contact.

How does it work?

Upon application, Bravecto Spot-on spreads across the cat's skin and hair follicles. When fleas and ticks come into contact with the treated area, they are exposed to fluralaner, leading to paralysis and eventual death.

Preparation before Application

Before applying Bravecto Spot-on to your cat, it's crucial to prepare adequately.

Choosing the right product

Ensure you have the appropriate Bravecto Spot-on product for your cat's weight range.

Understanding your cat's weight

Accurately weigh your cat to determine the correct dosage.

Preparing the application area

Choose a suitable spot on your cat's body, such as the back of the neck or between the shoulder blades, where they cannot easily reach to lick.

Step-by-step guide

1. Open the Bravecto Spot-on applicator and hold it upright.

2. Part the fur between your cat's shoulder blades to expose the skin.

3. Place the applicator tip against the skin and squeeze the contents directly onto the skin's surface.

Aftercare and Safety Measures

After applying Bravecto Spot on for cats, it's essential to monitor your cat for any adverse reactions and take necessary precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if my cat licks the spot-on after application?

It's best to prevent your cat from licking the application site immediately after administration.

How often should I apply Bravecto Spot-on for my cat?

Bravecto Spot-on provides up to 12 weeks of protection against fleas and ticks, so it should be applied every 12 weeks for continuous coverage.

Can I use Bravecto Spot-on on kittens?

Bravecto Spot-on is suitable for kittens aged 11 weeks and older, provided they meet the minimum weight requirements specified on the product packaging.


Applying Bravecto Spot-on for cats is a simple yet effective way to protect your feline companion from fleas and ticks.