Advantage Multi, also known as Advocate in some regions, is a popular and effective topical solution for protecting dogs against a range of parasites. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to Advantage Multi for dog owners, covering its benefits, usage, effectiveness, and safety considerations.

Understanding Advantage Multi: What is it?

Advantage Multi is a broad-spectrum parasiticide that combines two key active ingredients: imidacloprid and moxidectin. Imidacloprid targets fleas, while moxidectin provides protection against heartworms, as well as treating and preventing intestinal worms and controlling sarcoptic mange.

Advantages of Advantage Multi

Prevention of Fleas

One of the primary benefits of Advantage Multi is its efficacy in preventing flea infestations on dogs.

Protection Against Heartworm Disease

Advantage Multi offers comprehensive protection against heartworm disease, a potentially fatal condition transmitted by mosquitoes.

Treatment and Prevention of Intestinal Worms

In addition to fleas and heartworms, Advantage Multi also targets intestinal worms such as roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms.

Control of Sarcoptic Mange

Sarcoptic mange, or scabies, is a contagious skin disease caused by mites. Advantage Multi effectively controls sarcoptic mange infestations, relieving itching and discomfort for affected dogs.

How Advantage Multi Works

Advantage Multi works by targeting the nervous system of parasites, leading to paralysis and eventual death.

Safety Considerations

While Advantage Multi is generally safe for dogs when used according to the instructions, some precautions should be observed.

Effectiveness of Advantage Multi

Numerous studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Advantage Multi in controlling fleas, heartworms, and intestinal worms in dogs.

Using Advantage Multi: Step-by-Step Guide


Before applying Advantage Multi, ensure that your dog is dry and free from any dirt or debris. Remove the product from its packaging and hold it upright.


Part the fur on the back of your dog's neck to expose the skin. Apply the entire contents of the Advantage Multi tube directly onto the skin, making sure to avoid contact with the fur.

Post-Application Care

Avoid bathing or swimming your dog for at least 24 hours after applying Advantage Multi to allow the product to be absorbed properly.


Advantage Multi is a highly effective and convenient solution for protecting dogs against fleas, heartworms, intestinal worms, and sarcoptic mange. By understanding how Advantage Multi works and following proper usage guidelines, dog owners can ensure the health and well-being of their canine companions.