As the first quarter of 2022 is ending we can see what are the most in-demand trends in UI/UX design this year. Let me share some of my findings for the UI/UX trends coming from 2021 and continuing this year.

Supersized typography

We saw big fonts in the year 2021 and they are not going small. Bigger and bolder fonts are used for headings in 2022 as well. It surely feels like who can use the biggest font size. Big font sizes are easier to read and of course, stand out. Bigger font size also means being concise with fewer and more meaningful words.


Animations are giving life to UI/UX designs. Designers are going for SVG animations as well as lotte files to give life to their static icons.  With animations, we can increase user engagement and grab attention. Different text scrolls and animated text appearance not only look good but also helps in displaying more text in smaller screen segments. It is also increasing readability for end users.

Mobile First

Ever since the massive adoption of smartphones, UI/UX designers started to design with the "Mobile First" approach. Since most of the internet traffic is coming from smartphones now, almost 80% of traffic on an average website comes from a smart handheld device. It is resulting in designing cleaner and simpler interfaces for even desktops. So instead of optimizing desktop design for mobiles, it's working the other way around. Using the mobile, simpler design, for desktops.