Discover the top 10 excellent sources of Vitamin B12 in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the best foods rich in Vitamin B12 to support your health.

The vitamin b12 is essential for the health of the nervous system and the formation of new blood cell in our body, it is crucial for DNA synthesis of human body cells.

The daily requirement of vitamin b12 is 2.4 – 5 mcg

you should fulfill this need from your diet , Otherwise.

you may have to face problems like: glossitis ( redness of tounge ) , anemia , tingling in the extremities, memory loss etc.

Here in India,

a different philosophy and beliefs are behind the taking of diet and we classify them as –

Vegetarian diet , non-vegetarian diet , ovo-vegetarian diet , vegan diet , Jain diet .

Remember that ,

Vitamin b12 is synthesized in nature by only microorganisms! ( bacteria & algae ) and enters in the food chain through incorporation into food of animal or plant origin

Animal source of diet ( meat , fish , egg & milk ) Provides an incredible amount of vitamin b12 and little amount will be get from plant sources.Before you see Great Food Sources of Vitamin B12 , you must know about bioavailability of vitamin b12 …

Bioavailability means how much free vitamin b12 can be available from food for absorption in human body , who has normal healthy gastric functioning .

Let’s see !

some of great sources of vitamin b12 :

Top 10 Great Food Sources of Vitamin B12