It is generally agreed upon that laser piles surgery, also known as laser hemorrhoidectomy, is a minimally invasive and largely painless technique. A laser beam is employed during the procedure to precisely remove the inflamed hemorrhoidal tissue with the least possible harm to the surrounding tissues.

The majority of people who have laser piles surgery report very minor discomfort or a faint burning sensation, which may be controlled with local anaesthesia and painkillers. Patients may suffer some discomfort or pain in the anal area for a few days following surgery, but this is usually treatable with painkillers and other conservative methods.

It's crucial to keep in mind that each patient's experience could vary and that some people might feel greater pain or discomfort than others. It is best to discuss the treatment, its risks, rewards, and potential side effects, including discomfort, with your doctor or surgeon if you are thinking of having laser pile surgery. They can give you a clearer idea of what to anticipate based on your particular circumstances.

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