“ Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital is an impressive hospital offering a variety of eye care services in Gujarat,India. Established in 1984, with a team of 3 Expert doctors the hospital has grown from humble beginnings to become an esteemed leader in providing high-quality and affordable treatments for vision needs. The hospital houses world-class machineries.Whether it's performing Cataract surgeries, LASIK eye surgeries or other interventions, the capable team of ophthalmologists  work hard to ensure each patient receives the best care possible.

With its growing reputation as a top-notch hospital specializing in eye care, Ranchhodrai Eye Hospital is truly setting the standard for excellence—and making sure everyone can experience optimal sight. Services are provided by Dr Bhoomika H Jodhani(D.O.M.S OPHTHAL), Dr. Madhav R. Jodhani (M.S. OPHTHAL) , Dr. Himanshu M. Jodhani( M.S. Ophthal., M.R.C.S.(Edinburgh,U.K.),F.I.C.O., F.S.N.C.)."