eTrenders is now on Google Play Store - This story is about our App, Key Features, and the Benefits of using it.

We have recently released the mobile app for You get everything you have on the web application plus a few extra features. Most important of which is the alerts for new trends for your country.

You can download the app from Google Play Store for Free.

Video Preview of eTrenders Mobile App

eTrenders Android App Video Preview

There are no sensitive permissions required by the app to be operated. You simply have to select a country for which you want to watch top trending content. The location/country can be updated at any time. The notifications for new trends are for the selected country only. If you change the country you start receiving notifications for the new country.

Right now we are aggregating top trends from Twitter, YouTube, Google News, and OpenSea (trending NFTs) and look forward to adding more networks to it in the future with your support.

Learn more in less time, and stay updated on all the latest trends in your country without any hassle. Being a social media marketing company it helps to stay on top of social trends and enhance the content strategy based on the latest trends and happenings.

Don't miss out on what is happening around you, what is trending, and who are the trendsetters. Download the app, use it and feel free to get in touch with us to share your feedback and ideas to improve the application.