Amazon itself does not offer bookkeeping services directly. Here are the key points regarding Amazon and bookkeeping:

  1. Amazon Services: Amazon primarily provides e-commerce and cloud computing services, not bookkeeping.
  2. Third-Party Sellers: Many sellers on Amazon's platform may need bookkeeping services for their business, but Amazon does not provide these directly.
  3. Marketplace Tools: Amazon does offer tools and reports for sellers to manage their sales and finances, but these are not comprehensive bookkeeping services.
  4. Accounting Software Integration: Sellers often use third-party accounting software that integrates with Amazon's platform to manage their financial records.
  5. Amazon's Role: Amazon's role is more of a facilitator for e-commerce transactions rather than a provider of accounting or bookkeeping services.

In summary, while Amazon provides tools and platforms for sellers to conduct business, including financial reporting tools, it does not offer dedicated bookkeeping services.